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Geothermal Frontier Technology Innovation Conference
2023 GFTIC (3rd)

2011-2022 Geothermal Conference Highlights

More than a decade of conference experience in the geothermal industry
Experts and scholars from more than 20 countries participated in the conference
Geothermal conference totaled more than 4,000 attendees
More than 30 trainings for geothermal field
Three geothermal innovation technology development participations
Database of over two hundred geothermal experts and scholars
Geothermal professional community exceeds 80,000+ followers
Database of over 400,000 geothermal literature
Nearly $10 million in research funding for collaborating young scholars
More than 2,000 original geothermal cutting-edge news articles
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Numerical simulation project based on OpenGeoSys, Tough, DARTS computational core and deep learning algorithms

Geothermal database

Deep Learning-based Open Source Natural Language Model GPT-3 forGeothermal database system

Climate control

Passive distributed climate control system based on geothermal resources and other geothermal projects

3d geothermal pavilion

A 3D online geothermal pavilion system based on the unity engine, which can be interacted

Geothermal Online Training Course

Upcoming Trainings !

  • October 2023 -   OGS Training    –  10th

  • October 2023 -  DARTS Training –  3rd

  • January 2024 - Tough Training –  3rd


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Teacher professionalism

OpenGeoSys and Geothermalkit Training

October 2023

Training content

A scenario-based geothermal simulation software, built on OpenGeoSys, educates on medium-depth heat exchanger simulation, catering to in-depth research needs.

DARTS and Python Application Training

October 2023

Training content

Quick start for researchers and technicians, Python in geothermal/petroleum ML, computer-aided history fitting, developer examples, and DARTS simulator cases.

TOUGH series software application training

January 2024

Training content

Topics include wellbore-reservoir geothermal coupling, silica scale pickling, supercritical water extraction, gas hydrate saturation, CO2 plume geothermal flow, hydraulic fracturing, high-temp wellbore scaling, and non-pure CO2 sequestration simulations.

Training in reservoir temperature determination methods for geothermal fields

November 2023

Training content

Prof. Pang Zhonghe, International Geothermal Ambassador, Director of Geothermal Resources Research Center Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Director of the Geothermal Committee of the Chinese Geophysical Society, will personally teach the method for determining reservoir temperatures in geothermal fields.

Medium and Deep Heat Transfer Efficiency Testing and Analysis Training

November 2023

Training content

Deep well heat transfer, essential in geothermal research, covers equipment, data monitoring, workflow, and data processing techniques. Experts offer detailed insights.

Geothermal Engineering Online Summer Advanced Training

December 2023

Training content

Topics include deep geothermal district heating, exploration, reservoir fracturing, tracers, anisotropy, unconventional reservoirs, ORC tech, fiber optic monitoring, and EGS development key parameters.

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Geothermal Online

In 2012, passionate geothermal students launched China's first 'Geothermal Forum.'In 2013, we initiated the inaugural "Conference on Efficient Development and Utilization of Medium and Deep Geothermal Resources".Geothermal Onlinehas since grown, attracting young talent. Over a decade, it evolved into China's largest geothermal community with nearly 100,000 members.

  • Professional - 80,000 fans, spread widely

  • Innovative -Active community with Innovative
  • Reliable -Decade of Expertise, Business Acumen, Integrit

Join our dynamic Geothermal Online community to shape China's geothermal future! Contact us if you share our passion for geothermal energy!

Business Scope

From 2011's 'Efficient Development of Deep Geothermal Resources' to 2022's 'Geothermal Frontier Technology Innovation Conference,' Geothermal Energy Online has dedicated over a decade to the geothermal industry.Despite the pandemic, our 2021 offline conference set attendance records. In 2022, our online event drew over 2,000 participants. These gatherings hold significant reach, brand value, and influence in China's geothermal sector.

Geothermal Online conducts highly professional, technology-based training sessions to elevate industry expertise. Over dozens of successful sessions have been organized since 2017, aiming to enhance the industry's technical prowess, such as-Geothermalkit and OpenGeoSys Training.Tough Series Training.Training in methods of determining reservoir temperatures in geothermal fields.Python and DARTS Training.Advanced summer training for geothermal youthIn total, more than 10,000 people have been trained, and its professionalism is widely recognized by the industry.

Over 80% of Geothermal Online's team holds master's degrees or higher, mainly as research experts. They actively engage in platform maintenance, expansion, and research projects, regularly sharing original scientific achievements, such as the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences led the development of"Geothermalkit" numerical simulation Open Source Projecct.Deep learning based GPT-2 geothermal data system.Medium and deep geothermal heat transfer efficiency test system.Geothermal passive distributed climate control system based on.3D Geothermal Pavilion developed based on unity engine_etc.

After a decade of growth, Geothermal Online is now China's largest geothermal community, with nearly 80,000 members. We host numerous annual free academic exchange events, such as the monthly"Geothermal Grand Rounds"event, the Geothermal Frontier Technology Innovation Conference of the"Geothermal Month" activities.Geothermal Youth Technology Training Campetc., will also be released every other yearBlue Book on the Development of China's Geothermal Energy Industry.Inside the Frontiers of Geothermal Technologyetc.

The Geothermal Online team aims to promote the sustainable development of China's geothermal industry. We consult on numerous geothermal investment projects and technology advancements. Our future goal is to become a central hub for capital, technology, business, and public welfare in the geothermal sector


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