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Title | Resource County, Guangxi hit a high-quality geothermal wells

Source | Mining

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The Guangxi Erqiyi Geological Team, a unit belonging to the Guangxi Geological and Mining Bureau, has recently drilled a geothermal well about 500 meters deep in Guilin's Resource County, with an average water temperature of 44 degrees Celsius at the mouth of the well, and a daily output of about 500 cubic meters of water.

The team's project leader introduced that the geothermal well well water is rich in strontium, lithium, bromine, iodine, fluorine, boron, iron and metasilicic acid and other minerals and trace elements by third-party institutions, of which metasilicic acid, radon and mineralization reached the concentration of medical value and mineral water concentration, which can be used for physical therapy and bathing; water quality is excellent, reaching the national standard for drinking natural mineral water, which can be developed as drinking natural mineral water.

The geothermal well is located in the Baoding Waterfall scenic spot in Resources County, and its successful water output provides geothermal resources for the scenic spot to develop new tourism projects such as outdoor hot spring swimming and boosts the development of the local tourism industry. (Du Xiaopin Huang Xiangyu)

Source: Mining Industry