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Title | Full Text Release | Technical Regulations for Preparation of Geothermal Resources Development and Utilization Plan for Xiongan New Area (for Trial Implementation)

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On January 15, the Technical Regulations for the Preparation of Geothermal Resources Development and Utilization Plan for Xiongan New Area (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Technical Regulations) was issued and implemented for a trial period of two years. The Technical Regulations clarify the working procedures for the preparation of the geothermal resources development and utilization plan for Xiongan New Area, and stipulate the requirements for the preparation of the construction plan, development plan, utilization plan, resources and environmental protection, safety production, investment estimation and technical and economic evaluation.

The Technical Regulation includes five chapters and three appendices, including scope, normative references, terms and definitions, general provisions and preparation contents and requirements. This regulation is applicable to the preparation of hydrothermal geothermal resources development and utilization program, and the preparation of middle and deep heat exchange and dry hot rock geothermal program can refer to this regulation.

According to Geothermal Plus, the contents and requirements of the geothermal resources development and utilization plan for Xiongan New Area specifically include an overview, the current situation and forecast of demand, overview of geothermal resources, determination of the construction plan, geothermal resources development plan, geothermal resources utilization plan, resources and environmental protection, safety production, and brief conclusions.

Layout of geothermal wells is one of the important elements in the determination of the construction program. According to the well layout requirements, it mainly includes factors such as ecological red line, heat supply construction layout, production capacity and service life of a single well, and sustainable utilization of geothermal resources. There shall be no less than two geothermal well distribution programs, including the distribution method of geothermal wells, the number of geothermal extraction wells, the number of geothermal recharge wells, and the plan distribution map of geothermal wells. A comprehensive analysis of no less than two well deployment plans shall be conducted to finalize the recommended plan.

Geothermal tailwater is the geothermal fluid with reduced temperature that is used to inject into recharge wells or discharged to the environment after direct or indirect utilization. The geothermal tail water treatment plan should specify the construction of recharge wells and pump houses, the comprehensive utilization of tail water and treatment methods. At the same time, the ground purification process and technical requirements of the recharge system should be clarified, and the geothermal tail water treatment program should be formulated for the geothermal tail water that cannot meet the requirements of direct discharge.

The standard is under the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of the Management Committee of Xiongan New Area of Hebei Province, and the main drafting units are Tianjin Geothermal Exploration and Development Design Institute, Tianjin University, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Northwest University, Hebei University of Technology, Ecological and Environmental Geological Service Center of Henan Provincial Geological Bureau, China Xiongan Group Intelligent Energy Company Limited, Sinopec Greenland Geothermal Energy Development Co. Ltd, North China Oilfield Branch of PetroChina Company Limited, Tianjin Energy Investment Group Company Limited, the Third Hydrological Engineering Geology Brigade of Hebei Geology and Mining Bureau, and Beijing Engineering Geology Research Institute.

The main drafters of the standard are: Cheng Xiaojun, Zhang Gengshen, Lin Jianwang, Xu Bowen, Li Hongying, Ruan Chuanman, Liu Jie, Yu Dongdong, Jia Yuzhe, Liu Wenhui, Liu Fei, Dai Chuanshan, Zheng Xiuhua, Ren Zhaoli, Wang Huajun, Hou Huairen, Time Wei, Zheng Xiaofei, Liu Yang, Li Pengfei, Sun Lingliao, Hou Deren, Sun Caixia, Li Xun, Cong Peide, Li Bo, Zhu Ting, Shi Yuanyi, Ma Jingchen.